Fall Fashion

Lazy, hazy, crazy Sunday!

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Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed my last post. Today I am going to be talking about my favorite fall lounge wear!

Sundays were made for sleeping in, coffee in bed and brunch with lots and lots of mimosas! But, if you’re a college student then you know that rarely happens hah! If you’re anything like me your Sundays consists of an entire day spent in the library preparing for the week ahead. I like to be comfy when I am studying but I also don’t like to look like a slob.

Obviously leggings are a must when wanting to be comfy and cute. In the fall I like to buy a lined legging to keep cozy. Recently I have been obsessed with the leggings from Anne Taylor LOFT. They are super thick and lined and could almost pass for pants! On top I like to wear things that are stretchy and oversized so I don’t have to fidget with the outfit. For this look I chose to wear a cotton tank that says “Why yes, I will have another mimosa.” I thought it was funny and showed what I would rather of been doing yesterday. Over the tank I have on a cotton green and navy flannel. As I said in my last post, flannels take up a majority of my fall wardrobe. This particular one is super stretchy and soft and great to wear all day! Finally, my favorite part about this look. My boots! I just got them and I can’t express how much I love them! Not only are they super cute and can be worn with almost anything they are also so warm and comfy. I would definitely say they are worth the investment!

There you have it! Your daily dose of fashion vitamins. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and continue to keep up with my blog. Share,comment or email me your favorite #Sundayloungelook! Don’t forget to leave comments about any questions or suggestions you have.


Click the links below to get this look!


Tank Top



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