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Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great holiday and hopefully a successful day of shopping on Black Friday! Today I’ll be sharing my thanksgiving look.

Ok so first I never really do reviews on the stuff I’m wearing but today is a little different. The suede skirt I am wearing is from Abercrombie and Fitch. I had been searching for a suede skirt so when i found this one I fell in love. However, my loving relationship did not last long with this particular item haha. It does not lay flat, the seams on the inside ride up creating a sort of bulge on either side and the hem line never stays down. I really couldn’t even get a good photo of the skirt from the front because it looked so horrible. We took a family photo on Thanksgiving and the photographer had to keep telling me to adjust my skirt every five minutes. Even though this skirt is adorable I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this particular one!

Ok rant over, now lets talk about the good parts of my outfit. Even though I just bashed the Abercrombie skirt I am wearing lately I have been finding a lot of great pieces from A&F. That’s where my shirt is from. I love the lace detail in the back. It’s cotton so it looks adorable dressed down as well. The socks I am wearing are my favorite. I wear them at least once a week. They are actually knee high boot socks but I just scrunched them down so they were level with my booties. The booties I am wearing were my fall investment. I am obsessed with them because they have a little heel is you can dress them up or down!

That’s all for now. Thanks for checking out this post for your daily dose of fashion vitamins!

Remember to comment or email me with any questions or suggestions!


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