Winter Fashion

Sneaks in the snow


IMG_2856IMG_2722IMG_2872IMG_2842IMG_2760IMG_2739IMG_2728**Ok well a lot of people keep telling me that they are missing the links for my looks so from now on I will link the products as I write rather then at the bottom on the page!

I knew the other day was going to be crazy! I was running around between class, the grocery store and hair appointment so I needed an outfit that I could go all day in but still look cute!

This outfit is super easy and simple to put together and its great if you’re on the go because its also really comfy!

My top is just a plain, simple black long sleeve. It’s hard to tell from the photos but my leggings are actually faux suede. They are from express and they are awesome! They look super cute with a casual look like I have here, but because they have the zipper detail around the ankle they also look really good with heels. The only bad thing I will say about them is they stretch out very easily so I would suggest buying them in a size down then you normally would.

I needed a shoe I wouldn’t mind being in all day so I wore my favorite Steve Madden sneakers. I bought these in the summer but I have been sporting them all year long! They are super flexible and easy to wear with a lot of different looks.

So here is the part of the look that you can change up. I put on my fur coat because one it’s super warm and two I wanted to dress it up a little. You can really where any kind of outerwear with this look, that’s the beauty of wearing all black, it is so easy to style!

There you have it! Another daily dose of your fashion vitamins.

Thanks for reading.xx


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