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What’s in my bag..?


Hey everyone!

So I thought I’d start a new segment…”what’s in my bag?” I’ve always enjoyed reading these types of posts and stealing tips and tricks so I thought you guys might too!

This post is about my everyday bag that I take EVERYWHERE. The Louis Vuitton Never full really lives up to its name! Everything that’s pictured doesn’t even take up half the amount of space this bag has to offer. Another great feature this bag has is it comes with a wristlet that can be carried alone or attached to the inside of the bag. I keep all my travel beauty items in mine but it functions as a great wallet as well.

If you’re someone who needs to tote around a lot of things around on a daily basis I firmly believe you need to invest in a bag that is both practical but also stylish and something you don’t mind carrying everyday!

What’s inside

Lipstick // Lotion // Fragrance

Wallet // ID Case 

Day Planner // Ipad

Flats // Sunglasses

I’ve linked some other great everyday handbags below!





Thanks for reading!


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